My name is Anne-Kristell Guiot, aka Annaka.

I'm a yoga teacher & Reiki master-teacher.

Very young, I became interested in philosophy, in human beings and personal development.

Naturally, I was passionate about India and Asia in general.

Today, I offer yoga classes in Bali and online, weekends, workshops, yoga retreats (detox, surf, kundalini) but also, traditional reiki sessions (energy healing) . And have the project to launch reiki courses in 2021.

Making happiness is what matters to me.

Bring you some serenity and well-being but above all, allow you to reconnect to yourself to live your life fully. Because thanks to my experience, I know that your potential is unlimited!

From art to cultural development

After the baccalaureate, I wanted to study psychology, my parents not being for, I chose another path that I like, art.


2000: I go to Paris, to do an art market school where I started to specialize in Indian art and Buddhist art. At the same time, I take courses at INALCO, Hindi section, as well as at the European Buddhist University.

Not feeling in my place in the art world, I branch off the following year on a cultural mediation course which seemed more human.


2002: I leave for Avignon, for a license in Culture and Communication, followed by a Master Strategy in cultural development, validated in 2007.

A passion for travel, discovery, meetings.

In 2000, during a trip to Nepal, where I took my parents in the footsteps of the Buddha, I discovered Reiki and the practice of meditation.

2001: I pass my first degree of Reiki, in Paris.

         I am going 1 month to South Africa to join friends who have gone surfing. Eventually, I would join them only the last week, failing to leave my new local friends.


2002: Paris, it's over! It’s not a life for me. I leave for 2 months in South Africa. I take this opportunity to take English lessons to improve myself.

In 2003, I left for another solo trip, 2 months, in India. This time,

  • No phone,
  • No internet.
  • An initiatory journey outside the codes of Western society.


I come out transformed. A heart wide open to the world..

You have to be/find yourself to help others

2007-2009: period of unemployment but impossible to remain inactive. I set up an association to promote fair trade and music, organize concerts, participate in many festivals through the installation of dry toilets ...


2009: It is time for things to move, I quit the relationship in which I was who pumped up a large part of my energy and put my life in danger.


  • Pursuit of my training in traditional Reiki
  • feeling of well being, confidence in me, joy of living.
  • 2 months later I found a job!

Departure for La Rochelle, and start of new adventures with the contemporary dance company Toufik OI, where I am in charge of administration, communication and booking.

2013: I validate my practitioner diploma in Traditional Reiki and become a Reiki master (3rd degree). Reiki master (3rd degree)


2014: Need for change. I seized the opportunity which allows me to leave work, boyfriend, apartment to leave 6 months in Asia. With in mind, put myself on my own as a Reiki practitioner when I return.

  • Burma
  • Thailand
  • Cambodge
  • Malaysia
  • Indonesia

What magnificent regions, what smiles, what adventures, meetings ...

Shankar, and his simplicity, an incredible smile no matter what. Owie or how to live life fully in the present moment. Lena, or the way of the heart in her orphanage …

keep dreaming

I discovered Yoga during a retreat of silence and meditation in Thailand. It is a revelation and I start to practice different types of yoga daily (Ashtanga and Kundalini mainly).


I fall in love with Indonesia which becomes my second home, my second family.


In 2015, during the European yoga festival, after the practice of white Tantra, it becomes obvious, sharing what has become for me much more than a leisure, but a way of life and thought. I then decided to deepen my practice by training myself as a teacher.

My yoga path choices

First, in Kundalini Yoga taught by the Ik Saran Dhian International School, in England. I was fortunate to receive this teaching from Ishwara Kaur and Kirpal Singh. Whose teaching and kindness allowed me to go to the heart of myself and to have solid foundations to exercise my profession as a Yoga teacher.


Then, in 2016, with Santosha Yoga Institute (fusion hatha, iyengar, yin and ashtanga) in Bali, where I could diversify my knowledge and give free rein to a dynamic, modern and more personal practice.
As well as certification for children / teens and pregnant women (pre and post natal)

yoga training

Inspire love expire gratitude


Yoga is a way of knowledge and self-acceptance, and in this a perpetual training. I feed myself during my travels, retreats, courses with different teachers and different styles; in order to grow, be always more aware and bring the best of me to my students so that they reveal the best of themselves and find their inner happiness. I also continue to train in other practices such as the use of crystals and EFT Tapping.


Today, you will find me in Indonesia, more precisely in Bali where I have taken up residence. The island of the Gods has this magic energy which makes you feel good and invites you to introspection, to the discovery of your inner being.

Free life

The final word

Leave a little sparkle wherever you go